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Humble Pie Pairs Well with Leadership...

Anyone who knows me even a little knows these two things about me are true: I am NOT a morning person and I am NOT a cheerleader type (and no offense to all those who are).

However, as a leader at El Rio Health, I was asked to help this morning to honor our staff who work at our Congress Street location…at 7:15am, which for me meant getting up extra early (ugh) and driving across town. In all honesty, I was more than willing to give this a go, even cheerfully, but I cannot say I was looking forward to it. I was sooo wrong. I am looking forward to the next opportunity. True story.

El Rio Congress Pediatric Clinic Staff
El Rio Congress Pediatric Clinic Staff with Josh Carzoli, COO (right)
El Rio IT Leaders (Part 1)
El Rio IT Leaders (Part 1)
El Rio IT Leadership (Part 2)
El Rio IT Leaders (Part 2)

Brenda Goldsmith, our awesome Executive Director of the El Rio Health Center Foundation, brought all the supplies we needed to wave signs and cheer for our employees as they arrived at work. We got lots of smiles and waves from our employees and from folks just driving by on the road.

After employees had arrived at work, members of the senior leadership team who were there (almost all, for the record, except those with prior commitments) met with the teams to express our thanks and gratitude for the work they do every single day providing exceptional care to our patients, for our community.

I was moved by the very genuine and heartfelt words our senior leaders shared (especially by Josh Carzoli, El Rio COO) and saw the impact it had on the staff who were there.

Lessons Learned

1. Getting up early to make a positive difference, well worth it.

2. Cheerleading for a great cause, well worth it.

3. Humble pie pairs nicely with leadership, especially when accompanied by a strong cup of coffee (because early mornings will probably not get easier for me).

Bottom Line

Being a leader means stepping up, often outside our comfort zones, to meet people where they are and to express genuine appreciation for those who show up every day to make a difference.

Special thanks to folks from the El Rio IT team including Dave, Asha, Isabelle, Darius, Cody, Rich and Eric. Thanks for showing up!

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