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From Concept to Reality - A Book is Born

Writing a book requires both passion for the subject and persistence through the process. It's a long journey from finalizing the concept to holding the printed book in your hand. Each time I decide to write a book, I take a deep breath and think hard about whether I am fully committed to the topic. Once I commit, I'm in. It takes hours of research, analysis, organizing and writing - and I love everything about the process. Still, when the printed book arrives at my house and I pull the first book from the box, I'll admit I'm a bit nervous. I wonder if I've left something out or made a mistake. Other authors I've talked to admit to the same momentary angst. But then I look at the book I've created and realize even if there are flaws, it's better than not having written it at all.

Photo of front and back of Renovating Healthcare IT book by Susan Snedaker
Just arrived!

I'm thrilled with how it looks and I'm sending copies out to those folks who graciously previewed material and provided endorsements. For everyone else, thanks for your support! You can purchase the book from all major book sellers or you can head to the Routledge website, order it directly, and save 20% through December 31, 2024 using code SMA40. Enjoy!


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