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Renovating Healthcare IT -
Building the Foundation for Digital Transformation

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book, now available at all major booksellers

November 2023

Healthcare IT is under tremendous pressure to help advance the quality of patient care in all healthcare organizations. Yet most IT departments have been built over the past two decades with a patchwork of technology. As funding ebbs and flows, so too do IT investments. The balance between replacing obsolete equipment and investing in innovation is always precarious.

In recent years, the pandemic challenged us in ways we could not have imagined, and yet we found ways to innovate and solve problems that impacted the way we provided care. Post-pandemic, we found ourselves with new challenges. Razor thin operating margins pushed IT budgets to the back burner while healthcare executives recognized the need to invest in IT to solve these emerging challenges. Finding qualified staff, dealing with supply chain backlogs, and preparing for the ways in which new AI solutions would change our world, all challenged our progress and we needed to reset.

This book walks you through assessing your entire IT function (and while the focus is healthcare, it's applicable to any IT function) and developing an actionable plan to renovate every aspect of your IT business. You'll discover ways to save money so you can reinvest in future state technologies, to attract and retain top notch talent, and to align your IT function with the organization's core mission so you add value with every IT investment. This is a guidebook to your future. If you're working on  your 2024 plans now, this is a great book to have by your side. It's sure to become your dog-earred companion as you undertake building a world-class IT function that is future-ready.

Available at: (save 20% through December 31, 2023 using code SMA40).

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