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  • Susan Snedaker

Highlighting Achievements: A Comprehensive Year-End Report for your IT Department

As you look back on the work of 2023, how did things go for you? Now is a great time to assess the prior year and finalize your plans for the upcoming year.

About ten years ago, I started creating an annual report for the IT department. I modeled it after high-tech annual reports and provided year-end statistics, achievements, and opportunities for improvement. Here's a mashup of screenshots from an old report.

Image of various screenshots of IT Annual Report

It was a great way to document our acievements and our key metrics.

Though I presented it to our senior leadership team every year, it really didn't get much air play outside of IT. However, within the department, it was a huge hit. It included every department and mentioned every person. It made visible through graphs and graphics the achievements of each team. It highlighted the sheer volume of things we supported from the EHR to enteriprise applications, from network switches to end user devices and more.

Not only was it a great record of our annual achievements, it provided the IT team a sense of accomplishment and pride in all that we'd accomplished. It was gratifying to look back over prior years' reports to see how we'd grown and how much we'd achieved.

In healthcare IT, it's rare to have your successes applauded - but you can provide this to your team and bolster their sense of achievement and pride.

If you're looking at your 2024 plans, you might consider an IT renovation project that will prepare you for the digital future that's staring you down. For guidance and ideas, check out my latest book Renovating Healthcare IT - Building the Foundation for Digital Transformation available online and through Routledge (use code SMA40 for 20% off Routlege through 12/31/23).


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