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  • Susan Snedaker

Just Released: A Leader's Guide

My latest book, Leading Healthcare IT: Managing to Succeed was released in December 2016 by CRC Press. Since releasing the book, I've fielded numerous inquiries about how to lead a team through reading this book. As a result, I created a workbook, this leader's guide, for working with a team reading the book and discussing key healthcare IT leadership topics.

Leader's Discussion Guide

This workbook is a 41-page ebook that you can download and immediately begin using with the book. It is intended to give a discussion leader a quick overview of the contents of each chapter as well as thought-provoking, insight-inducing questions to use in discussion with your team. Of course, you can come up with questions on your own, but this ebook provides a chapter-by-chapter and page-by-page reference for leading your team.

I hope you find this book useful in sparking meaningful conversation and actionable insights with your team.

Click here to head there now.

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