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  • Susan Snedaker

Reading Room - November 2016

If you work in IT, you need to constantly scan the horizon for what's new. As a leader, you also need to keep your eye out for trends that impact your organization or your teams and to refresh your professional skills along the way. This month, I'm focused on project management.

Yes, this appears to be shameless self-promotion, but I wrote this book years ago as a sort of bare-bones PM book. It's sold very well over the years, I suspect because it's fairly pragmatic and useable, so I leave it to you to decide. If you want a step-by-step book on project management that's practical and straight-forward, take a look at this book.

This book is focused specifically on healthcare IT implementation. It's pretty short (about 100 pages) and it covers some basic principles. It's a quick read and a great reference book worth a look.

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