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  • Susan Snedaker

Reading Room - October 2016

If you work in IT, you need to constantly scan the horizon for what's new. As a leader, you also need to keep your eye out for trends that impact your organization or your teams and to refresh your professional skills along the way.

Creative Confidence - (Tom & David Kelley). This is an interesting book, especially for those of us in healthcare IT. These two Kelleys are responsible for some of the most innovative, jaw-dropping, breathtaking design in the world. So, their credibility is off the charts. But that alone doesn't make for a good book. What I like about this book is that it's very straight-forward. It blends business with design and it provides actionable advice. Flipping randomly to a page, "Tackle a Doable piece of the problem..." and "Narrow the goal" pop out. If you want to improve your business results through delivering creative solutions, give this book a read.

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